Crescent Wiss Scissors & Shears

Crescent Wiss Scissors & Shears

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Wiss! High-performance scissors and shears.

Wiss! The leading name in scissor since

1848 introduces a new family of ultra

durable scissors and shears designed for

professional use engineered with

precision ground stainless steel blades

and industrial strength handles these

high-performance tools provides razor

sharp cutting for the shop home and


every Wiss scissor and shear features

ergonomic handles to provide maximum

comfort and minimize hand fatigue. And an adjustable

pivot can be fine tuned to user

preference the 10 and 11 inch full metal body

shop shears

offer the ultimate in heavy-duty performance

Titanium coated blades three times

harder than steel run the full length of the

handle for uncompromised strength and

durability. The 7 inch utility

shears give extra leverage to power

through thick cuts. The spring-loaded

serrated blades firmly grip materials

and return to the open position making

for effortless repetitive cutting. For safety

and storage a thumb latch locks the

blades closed. Both Wiss high-performance

shears are made with premium grade

stainless steel for added durability and

strength to cut tough materials like rope,

leather, plastic, straps vinyl screen and

cardboard with clean precision.

For common light duty cutting

applications, the 10 inch all purpose scissors

features stainless steel blades with the

same titanium coating found on Wiss

shears for enhanced durability paper,

fabrics, craft materials and thinner plastics are

cut clean precision and now Wiss brings

professional-quality to everyday scissors

with the eight and one-half inch home

and craft scissors stainless steel

blades resist corrosion and molded

comfort grips ensure easy control

high-performance scissors and shears from

the brand you know for exceptional

quality and cutting. Wiss, precision performance,