Crescent Lufkin - Legacy Series Tape Measures

Crescent Lufkin - Legacy Series Tape Measures

Video Transcript
Video Transcript




Lufkin honors the classic chrome tape measure

with…the Legacy Series.

Cased in mirror-finish chrome and a vintage-style

square label the Legacy Series adds a touch

of class and confidence to any tool belt.

But this isn’t your dad’s tape.

Each tape in the Legacy Series incorporates

the latest Lufkin features.

A nylon-coated blade adds strength and durability

while the matte-finish reduces glare and improves


The end hook is quad-riveted for increased

strength and durability.

A textured center strip in Hi-Viz Orange provides

better grip and makes your tape easy to spot.

And, a wide sliding lock button makes it easy

to secure and release the blade.

Form and function…That’s the Lufkin Legacy


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