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Introducing the Ex6 - Innovation that Delivers

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Solid Aluminum Construction With laser-etched markings for added protection against harsh environmental conditions and product abuse Aluminum finish reduces heat retention while working on roofs or in other extreme conditions

Quick Access Thumb Lock For releasing the swing arm and locking it back in place after use

Patent-Pending Foldout Extension Creates a 2-in-1 tool and eliminates the need to carry a 7-in and 12-in square Also acts as continuous edge for scribing and marking large scale lumber

Combination Squares Laser-etched numbers for increased legibility and protection against wear Extruded square head for increased drop durability and accuracy – more robust than the competition Compact size easily fits into pocket or work pouch Common uses: woodworking and masonry

Carpenter Squares Steel construction with high contrast numbers for increased legibility; protective coating maintains print integrity Dual sided markings with increments from inches to 1/16th Common uses: laying out and scribing right angles and straight lines, carpentry

Framing Square Lightweight aluminum construction with protective coating for increased product durability Dual sided markings with increments in 1/8th, 1/10th, 1/12th, 1/16th – printed tables include eight-square scale, rafter tables, brace measurements, and board measurements Common uses: laying out rafters and stair stringers, carpentry

Drywall T-Square Sturdy aluminum construction designed to withstand rigorous use and tough worksite conditions Bolstered joint between the blade and head for durability and lasting accuracy Common uses: scribing and cutting drywall, plasterboard and plywood

Solid aluminum construction is only the beginning. An original in its category, Crescent’s Ex6 layout square delivers 2-in-1 capabilities, making woodworking and framing simpler. The Ex6 eliminates the need to carry a 7-in and 12-in square and acts as a continuous edge for scribing and marking large scale lumber. Laser-etched markings add another level of efficiency, increasing visibility and significantly reducing signs of wear and tear. When you’ve finished a task, the tool conveniently folds to fit comfortably in a pocket or work pouch. A practical locking mechanism holds the foldout extension securely for transport. With all the elements of a standard layout square and high-performing additions, the Ex6 is sure to be an essential tool that trades professionals take wherever they go.

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Crescent’s full line of squares is ideal for the professional tradesmen who get the job done at all costs, with longevity and an investment in their craft. Equipped to perform in a variety of environments, Crescent squares allow you to easily complete multiple tasks. And with advanced design features that provide durability and maximum functionality, Crescent squares outlast the elements. In grit, dust or tough territory — there’s a square for your unique application