Featured Tools

Pocket Knives
Crescent Pocket Knives

Jobsite Performance...with style

Crescent Hammers
Crescent Hammers

Strike out vibration

Crescent BoltBiter™

An innovative design that grips any nut or bolt no matter how damaged

Punches & Chisels
Crescent Punches & Chisels

Delivering the best in durability, safety, and ease of use.

Compact Levels
Crescent Lufkin Compact Levels

Great things come in small packages

Crescent Lufkin Shockforce G2 Assortment of Tapes
Crescent Lufkin SHOCKFORCE G2™ Measuring Tapes

The toughest tapes to ever hit a jobsite just got tougher

Z2 Pliers
Crescent Z2 Pliers™

Take gripping and cutting to the highest level of performance.

Crescent VORTEX Bit Holder
Crescent VORTEX™ Bit Holder

Makes bits last 500X Longer

Crescent eSHOK-GUARD
Crescent eSHOK-GUARD Tools

Protect yourself from electrical shock.

u-GUARD Non-Marring Covered Tools
Crescent u-GUARD™

Non-marring covered tools.

Crescent Pipe Wrenches
Crescent Pipe Wrenches

More power at every turn.

Next Generation Aviation Snips
Crescent Wiss Next Generation Aviation Snips

We make them just like we used to...only better.

Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrenches
Crescent Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrenches

Next level strength and adjust-ability.

Lufkin SHOCKFORCE Measuring Tapes
Crescent Lufkin SHOCKFORCE™ Measuring Tapes

The toughest tapes to ever hit a jobsite.

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags
Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags

The perfect bags for your everyday carry.

Crescent Wiss Offset Straight Snips
Crescent Wiss Offset Straight Snips

Cut more. Safely.

Crescent Wiss Molding Miter Snips
Crescent Wiss Molding Miter Snips

Snip some time off your next molding job.

Crescent H.K. Porter PowerPivot Bolt Cutters
Crescent H.K. Porter PowerPivot™ Bolt Cutters

More power. 30% less effort.

Crescent Locking Pliers
Crescent Locking Pliers

Grip hard. Then grip harder.