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Hammer Features

Designed with innovation, durability and an ergonomically sound grip, our hammers give you better swing force and better accuracy with every swing. From construction work to projects in plumbing, electrical, utilities and beyond, we’ve got a hammer for every job.

Vibe Guard 70% Less Vibration icon

Vibration Control

Vibration-dampening slot technology delivers 70% less vibration.

15% Larger Sweet Spot Crescent hammers icon

15% Larger Sweet Spot

Strike face optimized to minimize missed hits and increase performance.

Overstrike Protection Crescent Hammers icon

Overstrike Protection

Protective sleeve to prevent damage due to overstrike.

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Hammer Brochure

Designed with more strength in mind, Crescent’s hammer lineup has revolutionized the striking game. Explore our hammer brochure to learn more about our entire selection of hammers that are tough enough to get the job done, and smart enough to help you get the job done right – every time.

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Ball Pein Hammers

A ball pein hammer has two heads, one flat and the other rounded. The rounded head (known as the pein) is useful for shaping metal objects by striking them repeatedly. Ball pein hammers are ideal for tasks that involve driving chisels or heavy nails and setting rivets.

  • Available in 16 oz and 32 oz head weight
  • The heavy steel head is less likely to chip
  • Handles are usually made of wood
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Blacksmith Hammers

Blacksmith hammers are specialized hammers used to flatten and shape steel during the process of forging metal. They are made up of a durable steel head with two sides, a pein and a square or round face.

  • Range from 2 to 4 lbs
  • Not meant to drive punches or chisels
  • Handles are made of fiberglass or wood


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Brick Hammers

Also called a masonry or stonemason’s hammer, a brick hammer is used to chip off edges of stone or cut brick or concrete without having to use a chisel. One end looks like a traditional hammer with a flat face, while the other end is a long chisel-shaped blade. 

  • Available in head weights from 15 oz to 24 oz
  • Versatile and durable
  • Handles are made out of steel
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Claw Hammers

Used primarily in carpentry, a claw hammer is ideal for driving nails into and pulling them out of wood. The head is made of forged steel that curves and splits at the other end to make it easier to get extra leverage.

  • Available in 16 oz, 18 oz and 20 oz head weights
  • The most commonly used type of hammer
  • Handles are made out of fiberglass or steel
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Drilling Hammers

Mostly used to drive chisels and punches, a drilling hammer has a larger head and handle than other hammers. It has two equally sized faces, one waffled and one smooth. It’s used to deliver a heavy blow in tight spaces where swing can be limited.

  • Available in 2lbs and 3lbs
  • Often used for demo work
  • Usually made out of fiberglass
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Engineer’s Hammers

Similar to a ball pein hammer in structure, an engineer’s hammer can be used for a range of different tasks, including driving, punching, chiseling, and shaping and forging metal. It has two equally sized faces that can be used interchangeably.

  • Available in 2.5lbs and 4lbs
  • Often used for heavy hammering and demo work
  • Steel head and fiberglass handles

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