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Crescent Tools Support Page
Crescent JOBOX Support

Here you will find the Crescent JOBOX Fitment Guide, Replacement Parts, Instruction Sheets, Labels and more for your storage products.

Crescent JOBOX FAQs
Crescent JOBOX FAQs
  • Do you have installation videos?
  • Do you have installation guides?
    • Yes, to find a list of our installation guides and instruction sheets, CLICK HERE
  • Can I get Crescent JOBOX On-Site Storage Boxes made in different colors?
    • Yes, we have a variety of different color options available for our On-Site Storage Boxes when you place a special order.  To obtain more details from our customer service team about this process, CLICK HERE
  • All I have is my model number.  Can you tell me which box I have?
    • No, we will need the model number and the production date both of which are located on your box.
  • Can I have boxes made to my specific dimensions?
    • If you have an order of 100+ units we recommend contacting your local sales representative in regard to this question or CLICK HERE
  • I have a product idea can I submit it to you?
    • To submit your ideas to our Inventor Connect Portal, CLICK HERE
  • How can I become an International distributor of Crescent JOBOX Products?
    • Please CLICK HERE, and let us know your interest and location.
  • What is the warranty for Crescent JOBOX Products?
    • For all the details on the variety of different Crescent JOBOX Products, please visit our warranty page for more details, CLICK HERE
  • Are there replacement parts available for Crescent JOBOX products?
    • Yes, we have replacement parts available, CLICK HERE to see our Replacement Parts Catalog.  Please contact our customer service team and have your mode number and production date from you box handy.  You can find both of these on your box.  To contact our customer service team, CLICK HERE
  • Can I get boxes keyed the same?
    • Yes, you can get your boxes keyed the same.  Please contact our customer service team for more details, CLICK HERE
  • How do you pronouce JOBOX?
    • The JOBOX name is pronounced "JOB-OX"...however, when you say it fast it sounds like "JOB-BOX", both are correct!  It is your box for your job, simple as that!  Thanks!
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