Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives

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Strike out vibration with our new line of hammers.

Crescent Lufkin Levels Assortment

Compact Levels

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Punches & Chisels

Punches & Chisels

Delivering the best in durability, safety, and ease of use.

Crescent Lufkin Shockforce G2 Assortment of Tapes

SHOCKFORCE G2™ Measuring Tapes

The toughest tapes to ever hit a job site just got tougher.


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Crescent Tools 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners!

These Crescent Tools were recognized by Pro Tools as the winners in their respective categories for the Pro Tool Innovation Awards.  These award-winning hand tools, accessories, automotive and metalworking tools bring new efficiencies and capabilities to tradesmen, mechanics, and fabricators.  These innovative tools and technologies should really aid tradesmen and construction businesses and help you do more and/or do it better.

2022 WINNER - Tape Measures

Crescent Lufkin SHOCKFORCE Nite Eye G2 25-ft Tape Measure L1225B-02

This innovative tape features a wider, thicker blade with eye-catching, easy-to-read markings on both sides. It also features a Blade Barrier Coating that extends the blade life by 3x. Additionally, the Shockforce G2 can stand a 120-foot drop test thanks to its bolstered case design. 

2022 WINNER - Circ Saw Blades

Crescent NailSlicer Framing Circular Saw Blade CSBFR-724

The Crescent Tools NailSlicer Framing Blade combines innovative solutions with premium laser cut technology for tough demands on the job site. High Impact carbide teeth power through nail-embedded material delivering 8X blade life, while the Active Shield protective coating reduces gumming to
provide 70% more cuts per charge for less downtime.

2022 WINNER - Pocket Knives

Crescent Tools 3-1/2" Drop Point Composite Handle Pocket Knife CPK325C

Crescent Tools cutting-edge, new line of Pocket Knives features a deep pocket belt clip position, keeping them out of sight when stored or carried.  These pocket knives also feature a ball-bearing assist design for smooth, single-handed deployment.

2022 WINNER - Holders/Extenders Driver Bits

Crescent Tools VORTEX Bit Holder CAVBH3

The VORTEX Bit Holder features a state-of-the-art Dual Impact Torsion Zone, specially-designed to absorb shock and stop screw stripping. This magnetic, made-to-last bit holder also extends bit lifetime by up to 500x and stands up to heavy-duty applications.

2022 WINNER - Shears

Crescent Tools 10" Titanium Coated Offset Left Hand Tradesman Shears CW10TL

These revolutionary shears are 10x sharper than standard shears, thanks to their razor-sharp serrated edge, full-metal core construction, and long-lasting titanium coating to extend the lifetime of the blade.


A Brief History of Crescent Tools

H.K. Porter®

Henry K. Porter, of Boston, Mass. patented an improved, adjustable, "bolt cutter".  For blacksmiths, wheelwrights, and carriage makers to snip off the excess length of bolts after the nut had been tightened.



Karl Peterson founded Crescent Tool Company in Jamestown, New York, USA in 1907 and the following year creates the first engineering drawings for the first adjustable wrench produced in America. 



Jacob Wiss launches his scissor factory, J. Wiss & Sons Co. Factory on Littleton Avenue Newark, New Jersey, USA in 1848.



The Nicholson File Company was founded by William Thomas Nicholson (1834-1893) in 1864 in Providence, Rhode Island.



Edward Taylor Lufkin establishes the E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company in Cleveland, Ohio 1869.

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