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Wood Drill Bits

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Crescent Wood Drill Bits in an open top Crescent tool bag in a framing construction environment

Wood Drill Bits

Crescent’s Wood Drilling program offers a range of wood drill bits including multiple sizes and lengths in high speed spade and auger bits, flat spade bits, solid and ship augers, installation, and self-feed drill bits. Whatever your wood drilling needs, Crescent delivers tools that are optimized for fast, clean cutting with long lasting bit life.

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Crescent 3/4" screw point flat spade paddle bit on white background

Screw Point Paddle Bits

Pull through wood at rapid speed making precise, clean holes while quickly engaging in materials and resisting nails.

  • Contoured paddle bit efficiently removes chips to prevent hold clogging
  • 2x maximum durability allows users to go faster with greater control
  • Refined spurs allow bits to bust through nails with unmatched strength
Crescent high speed auger wood drill bit on white background

High Speed Auger Bits

Our innovative design allows the bit to strike and pull through nail-embedded wood at rapid speed generating a precise, clean cut.

  • Tri-flute cutting edges allow for faster chip removal and more cuts per charge
  • Designed to cut through 20x faster than standard flat paddle bits
  • Impact rated 1/4" quick release hex shank provides optimal performance in impact drivers and drills
Crescent 3/4" flat spade wood drill bit on white background

Flat Spade Bits

Flat spade wood drill bits create flat bottomed holes for installing locks, hinges, and other hardware.

  • Reinforced tip geometry increases durability and provides a longer tool life
  • Work at rapid speeds with a reinforced shank with torsion zone
  • Impact rated 1/4" quick release hex shank provides optimal performance in impact drivers and drills
Crescent 3/4" drive self feed wood drill bit on white background

Self Feed Bits

Cut fast, clean, larger diameter holes in wood framing for running pipe and conduit.

  • Blades can be re-sharpened for optimal cutting performance
  • Screw point tip quickly engages in wood
  • Includes a replacement tip and hex key for easy installation
Crescent solid auger wood drill bit on white background

Solid Auger Bits

Drill deep, uniform holes confidently with the Crescent auger wood drill bits.

  • Tip and flute design offers 40% more cuts per charge
  • Deep flutes for fast chip evacuation and holes per charge
  • Triple sharpened high speed steel for cutting precise, clean holes in less time
Crescent ship auger wood drill bit on white background

Ship Auger Bits

Ship auger drill bits are designed for drilling smooth holes in wood and are commonly used by professionals for drilling in bulkhead and general woodworking applications.

  • Deeper flute design clears chips and leads to less binding
  • Optimal tip design rapidly engages in materials
  • Longer flute design easily penetrates stacked wood and other thicker wood materials


Crescent installer wood drill bit on white background

Installer Bits

Installer drill bits are specialized bits used by cable installation professionals, electricians, and security system technicians to install various equipment with wiring.

  • Small hole in the flute for easily pulling wires and cables through walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Optimal flute design for aggressive chip removal
  • Extended length provides increased accessibility
Crescent drill bit extension on white background

Drill Bit Extensions

Drill bit extensions provide increased accessibility to hard-to-reach spots.

  • Quick-release feature allows for effortless switching between accessories
  • One piece construction for a longer tool life
  • 1/4" quick release hex shank provides optimal performance in impact drivers and drills

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6 Piece High Speed Auger Set

These drills are excellent for drilling old, hard wood like oak. Makes plumbing and electrical jobs a breeze. The drill bit allows you to start the hold crooked then straighten up as you drill into the wood, so it’s good for tight spaces. No pressure needed at all, sharp as heck, no clog.


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Crescent Wood Drill Bits on sub-flooring

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