Crescent 7-in-1 Wire Stripper Video

Crescent 7-in-1 Wire Stripper

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hey, guys. Noah Steen with Apex Tour Group. Today we're going to talk about our new wire strippers. It's an all-encompassing tool for just about any trade. The first feature that it has that's special in the market, which makes our product better than everybody else's, is our crosshatch jaws. This is stolen from the Z2 plier line and it's perfect for this tool for ripping wire jackets off as you strip with the tool.

Next, we have all of our wire sizes. They go from 10 to 14. And then there's the bypass cutter for cutting the whole jacket. That bypass cutter cuts through this hard wire with ease. The last part of this product that makes it unique is our hardwire cutter at the back. You'll notice it does not have the slope like the bypass cutter does.

This is perfect for cutting chandelier-style chain, very lightweight material. So you don't chip or dull your blades. And lastly, we have our textured grips for greater control and ease opening and closing. And thank you for checking this product out. Please go to for more information.