Crescent Wiss Flip Joint Cable Cutter

Cut, Slice, and Strip with a single tool.

Flip Joint is the 3-in-1 electrician’s tool that saves time and money. It cuts vinyl-coated cable, slices the sheathing, and strips the wires. After cutting the cable, just flip the handle to expose the blade. Knife off the sheathing, then flip the handle back to strip the wires.

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Professional cutter designed to cut vinyl coated or bare, multi-stranded copper/aluminum wire up to size 10/3 cable.

Induction hardened cutting edges for superior cutting power.

Specially designed cutting knife ensures sharp, clean cut every time.

Industrial grade plastic dipped handle grips.

Handle ‘flips’ over to act as a cable sheath knife.

3 Tools in 1

Cable Cutter

Sheath Knife

Wire Stripper