Image of Titanium Coated Tradesman Utility Shears - Wiss

7-1/2" Titanium Coated Tradesman Utility Shears

Crescent Wiss® Utility Shears feature premium steel blades, precision-engineered with knife-like edges to deliver ten times the cutting power of standard shears. Their titanium blade coating is three times harder than steel for extra durability and longer edge life and their compact design is made for easy portability. A serrated bottom blade grips material for better control and cleaner cuts, while spring loaded design and optimized handle contact points improve comfort and reduce fatigue. A quick release ergonomic latch that locks the shears closed for transport and soft-grip TPR handles are added safety and comfort features. Crescent Wiss® Utility Shears are the perfect choice when you need exceptional cutting power in a compact tool.