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Crescent H.K. Porter Brand

In 1880, Henry K. Porter, a partner in a machine shop in Boston, patented an adjustable “bolt cutter.” It was originally designed for blacksmiths to snip off the excess length of bolts after the nut had been tightened. As the horse-and-buggy gave way to motor power at the dawn of the 20th century, H.K. Porter bolt cutters were adapted to many new cutting applications, such as hydraulic wire rope cutters for bridges, hand cutters for fences, power cutters for heavy construction, steel strapping cutters for shipping and receiving, and shear-type ratchet cutters for utilities.
Today, as Crescent H.K. Porter®, the brand is a market leader for industrial cutting products from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world.  The extensive Crescent H.K. Porter line of products includes manual cutters, hydraulic cutters, pneumatic cutters, and accessories. Crescent H.K. Porter cutters are among the more than 2,600 quality hand tool products offered under the Crescent name – products professional tradespeople know they can count on to get the job done right.

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A Brief History of Crescent H.K. Porter

Henry K. Porter, a partner in the general machine shop of Porter and Wooster, located in Boston, Mass. patented an improved, adjustable, "bolt cutter".  It was designed for blacksmiths, wheelwrights and carriage makers to snip off the excess length of bolts after the nut had been tightened.


H.K. Poter the firm is born and the trademark "HKP" is emblazoned on its bolt cutters.


H.K. Poter adapts. As the horse-and-buggy gave way to motor power, "bolt cutters" were adapted to may new modern cutting applications.  New cutters were constantly being designed and refined to keep page with all the new materials to be cut as the industry expanded.


H.K. Porter expanded it's product line to include ratchet, pneumatic and hydraulic cutting tools


H.K. Porter goes to the moon! Specialized tools were designed for every conceivable application; such as special equipment to help NASA Astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean salvage Surveyor III during their 1969 moon walk.

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