Crescent H.K. Porter - Compact Bolt Cutters

Crescent H.K. Porter - Compact Bolt Cutters

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

HK Porter compact bolt cutters, tough tools

for tough cuts.

From the the brand that wrote the book on

bolt cutters, HK Porter introduces three powerful

cutters, specifically designed for easier

cutting of hard materials.

Electrical wire, chain, nails, bolts, high

tinsel wire and fencing are all easily cut

with a single fluid motion.

All HK Porter compact bolt cutters feature

a recessed throat notch engineered to hold

material closer to the joint for maximum leverage,

providing an impressive 50% reduction in the

effort needed to cut, compared to standard

cutting pliers.

The HK Porter Straight Cutter provides durability

cut after cut, with a heavy duty design and

precision lined center cut blades that equally

distribute the slicing action on four sides

of the material.

Cuts are fast, clean, and effortless.

The HK Porter Angle Cutter gets close to surfaces

with a 25 degree offset head combined with

bottom aligned blades to provide nearly flush

cuts; perfect for cutting nails and screws

that can be hammered or filed for a professional


Both the Straight Cutter and Angle Cutter

features smooth, plastic dipped grips, so

dirt and grease wipe right off.

Comfort is important when making repetitive


HK Porter Spring Return Straight Cutter uses

a heavy duty spring to automatically return

to the open position.

Concrete works, electricians, farmers and

ranchers will appreciate the assisted return

and comfort molded grips after a full day

of cutting heavy wire and fencing.

And a robust locking latch designed for use

with gloves keeps the handle securely closed

for storage.All HK Porter compact bolt cutters

have induction hardened cutting edges to provide

exceptional performance and long life.

That combined with a 50% reduction and effort

required to cut, making these compact bolt

cutters the choice of professionals.

The compact bolt cutter series from HK Porter.

Tough tools for tough cuts.