Crescent Punches and Chisels

Delivering the best in durability, safety, and ease of use.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ethan Bolderson product manager for Crescent Tools. I'm excited to tell you about our newest addition to the Crescent Shaping Family Punches and Chisels.

Our tools are equipped with hardened, striking caps that don't mushroom and harden steel tips and edges that outlast the competition. Each product in the lineup was designed with safety and comfort in mind, with an ergonomic grip to reduce user fatigue and increased tool length to keep your hand further from debris and obstructions.  Additionally, these tools have been constructed with two parallel flats for easy pickup and to reduce tool roll-off.

This new line of Crescent Punches and Chisels you see here are available in sets and individually. To learn more, visit