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Heavy-Duty Safety Cabinets from CRESCENT JOBOX

Legendary strength, durability and safety.

Developed and engineered from the recommendations of Environmental, Health & Safety users, CRESCENT JOBOX flammable storage cabinets combine durability with exceptional safety, security, and fire-resistance.

The first of it’s kind in the industry, the EZ Level Bolster System provides simple and safe cabinet leveling.

Through-holes on the Anti-tip steel bolsters allow outside wrench access to the leveling screws — no more tipping the cabinet back or working in blind recesses. Front-to-back, and side-to-side leveling adjustments are quick and immediately visible.

The Anti-Tip design increases the base footprint beyond the width of the cabinet—resulting in improved stability.

And, because the EZ Level bolsters raise the cabinet body off the floor, forklifts and pallet jacks have easy access to lift the cabinet for cleaning and moving.

Fire-resistance is the critical function of a safety cabinet and CRESCENT JOBOX takes fire safety to the extreme. During a recent ten-minute burn test, CRESCENT JOBOX outperformed comparable cabinets from the leading competitor by over 100%. In fact, CRESCENT JOBOX not only meets NFPA and OSHA requirements, it is also one of the very few flammable storage cabinets to earn the respected UL Listing.

CRESCENT JOBOX cabinets feature Hi-Viz safety and warning labels providing constant reminders of best safety practices.

Insulated double wall construction, durable powder-coat paint, and 1-3/4” inch thick doors uphold CRESCENT JOBOX’s rugged reputation.

The Interior shelves are bright white to aid in identifying when spills have occurred. Spills funnel into a deep, leak-proof sump at the base of the cabinet for easy clean-up.

The CRESCENT JOBOX Self Closing System features a fully-enclosed guidance wheel that closes the doors in the correct sequence for a tight seal.

CRESCENT JOBOX Heavy-Duty Safety Cabinets. Smart innovations inspired by user recommendations for the ultimate in safety and fire protection.