Crescent Flex Duct Cutter Video

Crescent Flex Duct Cutter

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hey, guys. Noah Steen with Apex Tool Group. Today, we're going to talk about our new flex duct cutter. This is a new tool for us today. It's an adapting market that we're trying to address in the HVAC industry as it moves to a more flex duct type of ducting insulation. You'll notice it has our Crescent Wiss handle. It looks like one of our aviation snips, but with a very noticeable knife on the other end.

What this has is a serrated side for cutting the outer jacket of a flex duct and a smooth knife edge for cutting the insulation. What makes this tool unique is this bypass cutter for the hardened jacket that is wound with inside the flex duct. This is a hardened steel blade, and as you chop, it uses its bypass power to cut than hardened steel wire with ease.

Other styles on the market are a pinch cut. Like this model here, you'll notice as it cuts, it has to work its way through the material rather than bypass cut it. This dramatically reduces the amount of force that's needed to cut that jacket and that wire. This product comes with a glass-filled nylon sheath, which keeps the blade sharp, and it also has a belt clip for carrying on your hip or in your tool pouch.

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