Crescent Wiss Molding Miter Snips

Snip some time off your next molding job.

New Crescent/Wiss® Molding Miter Snips help you make accurate miter cuts fast in any type of small molding, including pine, PVC, and MDF. The easy-to-use angle guide has marks for 120, 105, 90, 75, and 60 degrees with a built-in stop at 45, so there’s no time wasted adjusting a saw. Durable steel construction and a re-sharpenable blade make it the fastest, easiest way to make clean and precise miter cuts in shoe, quarter-round, and other types of molding.

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Brochure Content

Single material, non-slip grips for easy cleaning and better control

Durable steel construction

Blade is able to be sharpened for prolonged use

Saves time by avoiding changing angles on a saw, no need for electricity

Built-in angle finder for convenience and accuracy

Perfect for cutting all types of small molding in PVC, MDF, and pine

Fast Miter Cuts

Time Saving

No Power No Mess