Crescent Wiss Next Generation Aviation Snips

We make ‘em just like we used to… only better.


Wiss compound action “aviation snips,” like these from the late 1940s, were a key tool for cutting aircraft sheet metal during WWII and became best sellers after the war ended.


By the 1990s, Wiss aviation snips featured their iconic yellow, red, and green comfort grips, improved blades, a stronger spring, and new pivot geometry.


The latest Crescent Wiss Next Generation snips stay true to form with new ergonomic features and the best performing, longest lasting blades we’ve ever made.

Next Generation Aviation Snips Snips made to earn the trust of a new generation. Continuous improvement means never being satisfied. That’s why these new Next Generation snips last 60% longer and require 20% less force to cut on average compared to our snips from just five years ago. And that’s why Crescent Wiss is the undisputed leading brand of snips for sheet metal professionals.

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Our Snips Last Longer. Here’s Why.

1. Our blades have Amazing Strength, Precision, and Consistency due to our exclusive casting method.

2. Another proprietary process creates Superior Blade Serrations.

3. Our finer serrations spread the force of the cut across the blades for a Better Material Grip, Cleaner Cuts, and Longer Blade Life.

Only Crescent Wiss combines the shape consistency of investment casting with our proprietary serration process to produce blades that cut up to 8 miles of steel…more metal than any other snips.

Cuts 8 Miles of Steel

Integrated Handle Ring For hanging or easy storage

Ergonomic Latch For fast, single-handed operation with either hand

Ergonomic Non-Slip Grips Provide excellent control and easy cleaning

Improved Pivot Design Features built-in stops for consistent jaw opening and upgraded spring action for fast, effortless feed

Precision Cast Blades Feature durable serrations that spread cutting force across jaw, improving cut quality and tool life

10X Cut Life

6X Longest Life Pivot Bolt

4X Spring Life