Crescent Wiss Offset Straight Snips

Cut more. Safely.

New Crescent/Wiss® Offset Straight Snips are made to keep hands away from the work for safety, but they’re also designed for outstanding performance. Compound lever action and precision-cast serrated blades reliably and comfortably cut up to 18-gauge steel with 20% less force. Spring action provides a smooth, effortless feed, even when cutting heavy stock and tight curves. Designed for safety and performance, these snips are another reason why Crescent/Wiss is the first choice of professionals.

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Ergonomic single-handed latch operation

Precision cast blades

Blade serrations spread cutting force across the blade improving cut quality and tool life

Non-slip serrated jaw for compound lever action that cuts up to 18 GA steel

Offset blades keep hands clear of metal while cutting

Spring-action for fast, effortless feed

Unique total system design requires 20% less force to cut

Withstands strain of cutting heavy stock and tight curves

Extended single-material ergonomic grips for reduced hand fatigue

Cuts Up To 8 Miles of Steel

20% Less Force To Cut

Cuts Up To 18 GA