Crescent Lufkin Centerline Balance Professional 12" Measuring Wheel

A Well-Balanced Wheel

The center-mounted wheel offers improved accuracy.

Unlike most large measuring wheels, the wheel on the new Lufkin® Centerline Balance 12-inch Professional Measuring Wheel is mounted in line with the handle for better balance and accuracy. The wheel’s counter has a gear drive, which is more durable and delivers greater long-term accuracy than belt-drive counters. The counter readout is top-mounted above the wheel, bringing it closer to the user for maximum visibility. The folding handle features a sturdy damage-resistant breakaway joint.

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Brochure Content

Folding handle with sturdy damage-resistant breakaway joint

Heavy-duty counter reset

Wheel wiper prevents mud build-up for consistent results

High-mount, easy-read countermeasures to 9,999 feet 11 inches

Gear drive counter or superior accuracy and durability vs. belt drive designs

Centered wheel for improved balance