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Our chalk reel design process: Improve. Repeat. Repeat again.

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Hard Mark Blue Chalk Quality chalk designed to be a brighter blue for increased line visibility, regardless of the light conditions or surface.

3X Chalk Visibility

100-Foot Professional Reel A professional-grade chalk reel designed with innovative features for superior performance and improved productivity.

Fold-Away Rotating Hub with 6:1 Gear Ratio For faster rewind and better protection when stored in tool bag

Secure Locking Chalk Box Access Provides traditional refill option

One-way Chalk Valve For quick, no-mess refills

Ergonomic Case Designed to fit better in hand for easier use and less fatigue. Also available with full aluminum body.

Thumb-Activated Hub Lock Holds line securely to make snapping process cleaner and faster

Nesting End Hook Retracts into case and locks in place, preventing tool bag snags

50-foot Compact Reel A quality reel designed in a compact, easy-to-carry size.

Push-Button Clutch Disengages line for fast 3X unreeling without handle spin

50-Foot Line Length Is 60% longer than similar competitive chalk reels

Fold-Away Handle Locks in place to prevent breakage or inadvertent unreeling

150-Foot Site Reel A professional-grade reel built to handle the most challenging jobs.

Textured Ergonomic Handle For slip resistance; dual material co-molded for added comfort

Thicker Premium Line Specially braided for optimum balance between maximum chalk retention and minimum overspray

Combination End Hook/End Ring Clips securely into a docking channel, preventing snags when stored

Our revolutionary new 100-Foot Professional Chalk Reel has three innovative features that put it ahead of any other reel on the market: A one-way valve makes refilling quick and clean, a locking hub makes snaps neat and fast, and a nesting end hook ends tool bag tangles.

The reel also has a 6:1 gear ratio for faster retraction and braided line for better chalk retention. Use it with new high-visibility Crescent Hard Mark Blue Chalk and get sharp, accurate lines on every snap.

Chalk and Reel Lineup

The Crescent Lufkin line of chalk products offers the professional tradesperson the ultimate in quality and innovation. From our 100-foot Professional Reels to our 50-foot Compact Reel to our 150-foot Site Reel, every product is designed and engineered to provide superior performance with features that make it both easy to use and exceptionally dependable. Add to that our new offering of high visibility Hard Mark Blue Chalk and you have an unbeatable chalk and chalk reel performance combination.