Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes

Chrome Power Tapes… a classic design blended with today’s performance and features. Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes are a new take on a classic product. Featuring a more compact, ergonomic case design for added comfort and an improved blade design for easy marking and reading, these tapes are perfect for any job site. Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes are a favorite among pros who value a comfortable and easy-to-use product.

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Brochure Content

Upgraded Lock Button Redesigned to travel along a shorter path; easier operation among various hand sizes

Wide 25mm blade delivers 2.4 meters of standout* *Not including a 12-foot model

Matte finish blade for the reduced glare in outdoor applications

Nylon coated blade for exceptional durability

Quad Rivet End Hook Creates a strong bond between the hook and the blade, adding life to the product

20% More compact than the competitor's product

Flat Blade

10 Foot reach