Crescent Lufkin Control Series Tapes

Experience Control for Yourself: Control Series Tape Measures

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Packed with Professional Performance

Go where the work is with the lightweight Control Series, built in a slimmer shape to fit easily into a toolbox or pocket. That smaller size doesn’t mean a weaker tape — the protective matte blade coating increases durability in addition to reducing glare. Crescent Lufkin builds tools for the professional, and the Control Series packs the length and performance that tradespeople need into a smaller, stronger case.

Ergonomic Case Professionally designed for easier use and more comfortable handling with touchpoint texture for increased grip

Lock Button Rails Over-mold rails protect the lock button during drops for improved durability and product life

360-Degree Endhook Grips material from all sides for more efficient measuring

Finger Brake Allows the user to safely control-blade retraction without pinching fingers

Tether Point Integrated slot for tethering tape when working at height

1 - 3/16” Blade Proprietary blade technology allows for 12’ of standout. Protective blade coating provides matte finish for reduced glare and extended blade life.

Available with Nite Eye technology for improved legibility in all light conditions.

The Crescent Lufkin Control Series is right at home in the hands of professionals who want a tape measure that works as hard as they do. The 1-3/16” wide tape with extra-large print has 12 feet of true standout to tackle any job, and the matte finish both reduces glare and protects the blade, ensuring that it holds up through heavy use. The finger brake beneath the tape’s feed allows the user to control the blade without risk of pinching, and the blade can be locked in place with the wide lock button protected by over-mold rails.

Of course, the best-in-class durability of the Control Series doesn’t stop at the lock button rails — the ergonomic case survived 50+ 1-story drops in real life strength testing. The Control Series excels, from the integrated tether point to the 360° grip end hook. See for yourself why Crescent is Trusted by the Trades; try the new Crescent Lufkin Control Series for yourself today.

A Measuring Tape that Goes the Distance

The Control Series, like all Crescent Lufkin tape measures, combines a professional feel and finish with the innovations that tradespeople need. Each sleek case is comfortable to handle, with a touch point texture for increased grip, and both the tether point and lock button rails make it an ideal tape measure for working at height. The blade stands out further than wider-bladed competitors, with larger print and, optionally, a Nite Eye color scheme for better visibility in low-light areas. With a Crescent Lufkin tape measure in your toolbox, you have everything you need to measure up to any job.