Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Nite Eye Keychain Tape Measure

Compact Footprint. Supersized Sales.

Five out of six Americans say they’ve made impulse purchases* and here’s your chance to cash in on some of those add-on sales. Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Nite Eye™ Keychain Tapes are the perfect impulse item with their distinctive design, half-inch wide green-on-black blade, and 360° end hook. They extend a full eight feet, so they’re serious measuring tools. Nite Eye Keychain Tapes come in an attention-grabbing clear fishbowl merchandiser that fits perfectly on every counter. So don’t miss out… Add On with Nite Eye.

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An outstanding impulse item for add-on sales

Trusted Crescent Lufkin quality and durability

Shockforce Nite Eye features in a compact keychain tape

Matte black blade with green markings for increased legibility

Blade is full ½-inch wide, 8 feet long (30% longer than similar tapes)

360° mini end hook with wide base makes grabbing surfaces easier

Sturdy full loop keychain with split ring

Comes in compact clear plastic fishbowl – 25 tapes per merchandiser

Key chain loop hole Built-in key chain for securing the tape to belt loops, straps, key rings or other surfaces for storage

30% longer tape 8’ of tape line is longer than leading competitive key chain tapes

CT Lufkin Nite Eye black blade Innovative blade synonymous with the CT Lufkin Nite Eye family; black blade with high contrast green markings designed to be more visible in all light conditions

All Light Conditions