L600 Power Tape Measures

The Tape to Call Your Own.  Crescent More Than Tough.

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New Shockforce G2 and Shockforce G2 Nite Eye tapes have wider, thicker blades for a full 17-foot reach and a new blade barrier coating for 3X the blade life, but there’s more: They have a bolstered case and fastening points, plus dual steel guardrails on both sides of the lock button – all for superior impact protection. They’ve been 120-foot drop tested for extreme durability. That means they’re not just the best performing tapes we’ve ever made … they’re also the toughest.

Bolstered Case and Fastening Points 120' drop tested for extreme durability

Tether Capable Integrated thru-hole can be used as a tether loop attachment point when working at height or as a pivot for scribing arcs

Blade Barrier Coating 3x the blade life on the first 6"

New Improved Belt Clip Features an integrated lever that opens the clip slightly for easier attachment and release from a tool belt

Wider, Thicker Blade Two-sided with 2X larger print and vertical markings on back

Nested Diamond- Coated Endhook Features 360-degree grasping power and nests flush with tape case for ultimate durability

Shockforce G2
New G2 tapes have a wider, thicker blade for a full 17 feet of reach so measuring jobs get done faster

Shockforce G2 Auto-Lock 
New G2 Auto-Lock tapes stay locked when extended, retracting only when the release button is pushed

Shockforce G2 Magnetic 
New G2 Magnetic tapes are perfect for measuring metal studs or drop ceiling grids and can double as a pick-up tool