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Strike out vibration with Crescent's new line of hammers.

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News Release Content

October 27, 2023
Strike out Vibration with Crescent’s New Line of Hammers
Our revolutionary VibeGuard™ technology in our hammer handles make these hammers the best-in-class at vibration reduction.
Sparks, Md.— When you are on the jobsite, efficiency and safety are key to a successful job. Tradesmen are swinging hammers hundreds of times a week, which can cause long-term side effects and decrease overall productivity on the jobsite. That is why Crescent Tools created VibeGuard™, a revolutionary vibration-reducing technology for their new line of high-quality hammers.
These hammers were designed for real world applications to increase productivity, survive tough conditions, and protect users from the side effects of long-term use. “Fatigue from using non-vibration resistant hammers is the top issue professionals see on jobsites with their current hammers,” notes Ethan Bolderson, Product Manager, Crescent Tools. “No matter what type of trade you work in, a hammer is one of the most common tools in your bag. Since 1907, Crescent Tools has focused on providing tools that increase efficiency and usefulness.”
From general purpose and framing to specialty, the new line has a hammer for every purpose. Made of top-of-the-line, proprietary materials, with unique features including a larger strike face and textured grips, these hammers will easily become a favorite on the jobsite. The new VibeGuard™ technology reduces vibrations by 70% and the optimized strike face provides a 15% larger sweet spot to prevent missed hits. With additional features like the textured fawns foot grip and a Permabond Handle Connection on the fiberglass hammers, the new line of Crescent hammers were made with comfort, productivity, and consistent heavy-duty use in mind.
The hammer line includes over ten categories, including the following:
Steel General Purpose Hammers
16 oz. VibeGuard™ Steel RIP Hammer
20 oz. VibeGuard™ Steel RIP Hammer
Steel Framing Hammers
22 oz. VibeGuard™ Steel Framing Hammer, Milled
28 oz. VibeGuard™ Steel Framing Hammer, Milled
22 oz. VibeGuard™ Steel Framing Hammer, Smooth
Steel Demo Hammers
22 oz. VibeGuard™ Steel Demo Hammer, Milled
Fiberglass General Purpose Hammers
16 oz. VibeGuard™ Fiberglass RIP Hammer
20 oz. VibeGuard™ Fiberglass RIP Hammer
Wood Framing Hammers
22 oz. Wood Framing Hammer, Milled
Axes and Hatchets
14” Fiberglass Camper’s Hatchet
16” Steel Camper’s Hatchet
26” Fiberglass Axe
Steel Brick Hammers
15 oz. Steel Brick Hammer
24 oz. Steel Brick Hammer
Specialty Hammers
Shingler Hammer
Drywall Hammer
Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammers
2.5 lb. Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
4 lb. Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
Fiberglass Engineer Hammers
2.5 lb. Fiberglass Engineer Hammer
4 lb. Fiberglass Engineer Hammer
Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
2 lb. Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
3 lb. Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
Wood Ball Peen Hammers
16 oz. Wood Ball Peen Hammer
24 oz. Wood Ball Peen Hammer
32 oz. Wood Ball Peen Hammer
Built with revolutionary technology, Crescent Tools has a hammer for every tradesman, no matter how tough the job. Find your next hammer at The Home Depot, or your closest hardware or industrial supply store.
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