Wood Drill Bits

Drill through any job with Crescent's Wood Drilling Bits.

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Three Crescent high speed auger wood drill bits laying between a framed wall
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News Release Content

December 6, 2023
Drill Through Any Job with Crescent’s Wood Drilling Bits
Crescent delivers designs optimized for fast, clean cutting with
long lasting bit life.
Sparks, Md.— Crescent Tools new Wood Drilling program offers a full line of drilling products designed for speed, precision, and durability on the jobsite. Made with the user in mind, it features a range of wood drill bits including multiple sizes and lengths in high-speed spade and auger bits, flat spade bits, solid and ship augers, installation, and self-feed drill bits.
Imbedded optimal flute design and tripled sharpened high-speed steel, Crescent drill bits are built to complete your job with ease and efficiently. The design in the High-Speed Auger Bit allows it to strike and pull through nail-embedded wood at a rapid speed for a precise, clean cut. With a tri-flute design, this bit will cut through 20x faster than competitive standard flat paddle bits. It also features a 1/4” quick release hex shank, and modified impact zone that increases the life span by eight times, allowing for faster chip removal and more cuts per charge.
The Screw Point Paddle Bit was designed with technology for quicker engagement in materials, resists nails and enables the bit to pull through wood at rapid speed to make precise, clean holes. Users can complete jobs quicker due to the modified impact zone that provides 15x cutting speeds, while maintaining control. Burst through problematic nails with the refined spurs and the contoured paddle bit to remove chips and prevent hole clogging.
Built with revolutionary technology and design, Crescent Tools has a wood drilling bit for every job, no matter how tough. Find your next bit online or at the closest hardware or industrial supply store.
To learn more about the full line of wood drill bits, visit our website.
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