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Keeping You Safer from Electrical Shock
Electrocution is one of OSHA’s “Fatal Four,” causing nearly 9% of all construction workplace deaths. Insulated  Tools from Crescent provide a solution for tool users to work more safely with electrically-conductive materials in high-voltage applications up to 1,000V AC, 1500 V DC.

Insulated Pliers
Crescent insulated pliers are VDE certified and offer users an extra layer of protection when working with  materials that conduct electricity. Their high visibility, ergonomically-designed anti-slip handles provide  exceptional control, critically important when working around electrical equipment. Cutting edges are specially sharpened for crisp, precise cuts and are laser-hardened for long-lasting performance

Insulated Design
For use in high-voltage areas with up to 1000V of alternating current, VDE certified, and built to meet IEC/EN 60900-2012

Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handles
Maximize comfort and grip strength

Laser-Hardened Cutting Edges
For long lasting edges and superior cut

Products bearing the VDE mark have passed the rigorous safety certification standards of the VDE Institute, recognized worldwide as a trusted testing organization for electrical products. CRESCENT INSULATED TOOLS ARE NOT FOR USE ON LIVE CIRCUITS. BEST PRACTICE IS TO ALWAYS DISCONNECT OR TERMINATE ANY LIVE CURRENT TO WORK AREA BEFORE USE.

Insulated Screwdrivers
Crescent insulated screwdrivers are VDE Certified and are designed and constructed for safe use around electrically-conductive materials and electrical equipment. Their dual-material, high visibility handles are specifically shaped for comfort when working in high-voltage situations. High-strength heat-treated blades have low-profile 1,000V AC-insulated shanks for better access in tight spots. Blades extend through the handles for extra durability and strength. Crescent insulated screwdrivers are available as a 7-piece set that includes all common slotted and Phillips sizes.

1000V Rated Insulated Handles
Optimizes handle contact points to maximize comfort and control

Low Profile Insulated Shank
Narrow neck design gives users greater access into tight work conditions 

High Strength, Heat Treated Blades
Extends through handle for durability and strength

Protect yourself from electric shock with Crescent’s new patented isolated technology, eSHOK-GUARD,  providing insulation of up to 1,000 volts. Combining safety and convenience for a revolutionary experience when working around potential live wire applications, eSHOK-GUARD’s impact-rated design withstands  heavy-use, and impact tool applications, so you never have to sacrifice protection when using power tools.

Isolation Zone
Protects you up to 1000V. Insulates all of your standard bits.

Impact Rated
Withstands heavy use in impact applications.

1/4” Hex Shank
Compatible with impact drivers and drills.

Magnetic Tip
Fasteners stay securely in place.

Retaining Ring
Easily secure and replace bits.

Classified in Accordance WIth IEC 60900:2018 ASTM F1505