Crescent JOBOX Aluminum Crossovers

Crescent JOBOX Aluminum Crossovers

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JOBOX® Aluminum Crossovers

JOBOX aluminum crossover truck boxes provide superior security, featuring the new Gearlock II self-adjusting rotary locking system. The new twin can Gearlock II self-adjusting dual rotary lock system operates like a ratchet to lock the lid tight from either side of the truck. The precision cut, high strength dual rotary gears engage the heavy duty self-aligning latch loop, providing increased security as the lid closes, resisting 200 lbs. of break-in prying force. The reinforced high strength body and full-width steel lock console resists cargo damage and protects the lock system. Each aluminum crossover features the rigid structural lid, a reversed foam filled beveled edge interior that adds greater rigidity than a conventional lid. Or gas springs allow the lid to rise automatically and open to a 90-degree angle. The gas springs are protected by guards to eliminate damage and jamming. JOBOX Aluminum Crossovers - high-security truck boxes.

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JOBOX® Aluminum Crossovers from Delta provide superior security for tools and equipment. The combination of our Gear-Lock™ Dual Rotary Locking System, RSL™ Rigid Structural Lid with a Deep Beveled Edge and our High-Strength Body will resist over 2,000 pounds of prying and pulling force to break in.

Gear-Lock™ Self-Adjusting Dual Rotary Locking System always latches and closes for superior security. To resist over 2,000 lbs. of prying and pulling force.

Self-Aligning Latch Pins pivot from side-side to engage with the Gear-Lock™ System. No adjustments required. Cannot be bent or pried out of the lock.

High-Strength RSL™ Laminated 3-Layer Rigid Structural Lid is the strongest, most rigid aluminum lid we've tested. It contains an inner core of rigid foam and reverse beveled liner for superior strength and rigidity.

Reinforced High-Strength Body and Full-Width Lock Console resists cargo damage and protects the lock system.

End-Mounted Push Buttons provide easy access. Lid locks and unlocks from either side for security and safety. With drill-resistant push button locks.

Heavy-Duty Guards protect the vertical action gas spring lid lifts and help ensure long-term durability.

Built-in Storage Bin on both ends and lift-out storage tray with movable dividers for convenient hand tool and small item storage.

Most models available in Clear coat or Black finish.

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Available in these item numbers:

Aluminum Single Lid Crossovers, CLEARCOAT

JAC1379980, JAC1387980, JAC1388980, JAC1389980, JAC1391980

Aluminum Single Lid Crossovers, BLACK

JAC1379982, JAC1387982, JAC1388982, JAC1389982, JAC1391982

Aluminum Gull Wing Crossovers, CLEARCOAT

JAC1392980, JAC1393980

Aluminum Gull Wing Crossovers, BLACK