Crescent JOBOX Industrial 2 Door, 8 Drawer Cabinet 1-679990

Crescent JOBOX Industrial 2 Door, 8 Drawer Cabinet 1-679990

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

The JOBOX two door drawer cabinet is designed to provide the ultimate in organized storage, with eight high load capacity drawers that support up to 60% greater load. There are three 2.5" deep drawers that feature 75 lb. capacity. And there are five 5.5" deep drawers with a 125 lb. load capacity. Both doors feature four shelves with the top shelves expanded to hold over sized objects and tools. The recessed gripped door channels add reinforcement and durability. The extra heavy duty door latch hooks are 3/8" thick, designed to resist repeated pry bar break-ins, keeping your tools and equipment safe and secure. Each cabinet shelf is reinforced with the V-shaped heavy gauged steel brace. The new JOBOX 2 Door Drawer Cabinet joins the family of on-site storage solutions featuring the revolutionary designs of the new EZ Loader Anti-Tip Skid Bolsters, allowing access from all four sides and extend to the front to help prevent tipping. Powder coat paint, 10x better corrosion resistance, 5x better abrasion resistance, and 2x better chip resistance. JOBOX - premium storage solutions.

Industry 1st Design

- High-load capacity drawers: Three 2-1/2" deep drawers have 75 lb. load capacity

- Five 5-1/2" deep drawers have 125 lb. load capacity

Site-Vault™ Security System

- 3-Point lock engagement make the lid virtually impossible to bend or pry.

- 14 gauge steel lock console to prevent being pried, cut or knocked out during attempted break in.

- Exclusive to JOBOX®, the fluorescent reflective orange tape indicates when the chest is unlocked - an innovative design making it easy to check security at night from a distance.

- Staked and welded hinge; 14-gauge steel, 3/8" continuous hinge with ¼" steel pin and extra-large 1" knuckles. Pin cannot be driven out.