Crescent JOBOX Lock Installation

Crescent JOBOX Lock Installation

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

To install a lock on a JOBOX chest, you'll

find, included in the box, an accessory kit

that contains a lock retainer, a nylon spacer,

an eye hook retainer pin, and a self-tapping


First place the lock retainer flange side


Then, place the nylon spacer in the channel

and insert the lock through the lock retainer

and nylon spacer.

Move the locking mechanism bar to the left

and insert the retainer and lock into the

lock housing with the flange side down.

Open the chest and insert the I-hook in the

lock housing through the top hole in the lock


Then, fasten the i-hook with the self-tapping


Here's a JOBOX lock tip: the most common lock

used for JOBOX chests is a Master Lock #5.

It comes in two types - standard and commercial.

If you're using the commercial Master Lock,

we recommend removing the rubber bumper from

the top of the lock.

This will help prevent the lock from sticking

inside the lock housing.