Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault Storage

Crescent JOBOX Onsite Chests and Piano Boxes

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Reinforced Lid with Full-Length Bolster Reduces damage from excess stacking weight and resists pry bar entry

EZ-Lock Arm Securely locks lid open

Dual Built-In Lid Storage Bins Cargo nets hold items like first aid kits, rain gear, manuals, safety items

Recessed Handles Prevent pinched fingers and damage to the handle

Site-Vault® Security System The patented system has a full-length steel lock console with three locking points and fluorescent reflective orange tape that indicates the chest is locked

More Padlock Compatibility Use Master #1, #5, #175, and American 50

Commercial Gas Spring Helps raise and safely lower lid

Heavy Gauge Steel Skid Bolsters Provide easy load or unload from any side

Built-In Bin Storage Quick access for small tools and parts

Beveled Edge Lid

Staked & Welded Hinges

Built-In Lid Storage Easy access for hanging harnesses

Top Shelf Designed for 1,000 lb. capacity to hold chain hoists

Side Wall Storage With padlock-able box for personal items

Low Height Front Panel For easier loading and unloading of equipment

Lift-N-Stow™ Shelf Full-width shelf with 500 lb. capacity, swings up to accommodate large items

Optional Casters

44” Wide Low Incline Loading Ramp with 8⁰ Loading Angle

Tapered Drop-Down Ramp

Crescent JOBOX Onsite Chests

Designed for security, easy access and excellent weather resistance, the Crescent JOBOX Chest yields an abundance of features including four-way skid bolsters, and a visual, three-point locking system.

Crescent JOBOX Piano Boxes

The perfect combination of storage space, organization, and security, the world renowned Crescent JOBOX Piano Box is a job site must-have. Two storage bins on both side walls and the Crescent JOBOX Lift-N-Stow Shelf give you room to store any item, while the Site-VaultTM security system ensures that your valuables remain safe and secure.