Crescent 18 oz. Indexing Pry Bar Hammer

The new best way to pound, pry, pull, and persuade.

A full-featured 18-ounce hammer with an integrated indexing pry bar.

The Crescent 18 oz. Indexing Pry Bar Hammer combines the capabilities of an advanced design hammer with those of an indexing pry bar, delivering a uniquely effective construction/demolition tool. The hammer features a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grip for outstanding comfort and a magnetic nail groove for one-handed nail starting. The four-position indexing claw adjusts to give the best position for maximum leverage and prying power

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Forged Carbon Steel Handle and Claw For maximum strength. Clear-coated finish to help prevent corrosion

Indexing Claw Adjusts to four positions to provide the best leverage and most power when removing nails or prying boards apart

TPR Grip Provides comfort and prevents slippage when using the pry bar or swinging the hammer

Extra-Large Smooth Striking Face Provides solid contact for maximum power when driving nails

Magnetic Nail Starter Holds nails securely under the hammerhead for quick and easy one-handed nail starting

Adjust to 4 Positions

Indexing Claw