Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench

The Speed of an Adjustable Wrench with the Grip of a Locking Plier

Crescent’s new 10” Locking Adjustable Wrench offers the speed and versatility of an adjustable wrench with the gripping power of a locking plier. With its finely toothed jaws, it delivers twice the gripping power on difficult jobs such as loosening rounded fasteners or turning fasteners in confined spaces. Its quick-release and dual material handle make it easy to release, comfortable to use, and the perfect tool for any DIYer.

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Dual-Material Handle For maximum comfort and control

Chrome Finish Resists rust and corrosion

Toothed Jaw Design For enhanced gripping power

Quick-Release Lever Allows for quick and easy locking and unlocking

Locking Handle Tightly grips fasteners and reduces slippage, even on rounded fasteners

Laser Etched Scale For quick and easy adjustment to fastener

2x Gripping Power

Quick Release Lever

Jaws Lock Tight Even on Rounded Fasteners