Crescent Pipe Wrench for HVAC 1

Crescent Pipe Wrench for HVAC 1

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Derrick Messer and I'm an HVAC


I've been in the HVAC industry for 5 years


I specialize in residential HVAC.

My favorite feature about this is the lightweight

of it.

It's much lighter than other one's I've used


I've got many tools I carry around with me

in my bag.

The lighter I can keep it the more I can keep

on me.

What surprised me the most about this pipe


Is how easy it is to work around being as

big as it is.

I can still access everything as well as I

can and it gives me plenty of leverage to

be in as tight as I need to be.

I would definitely recommend this to others

in the HVAC industry due to it's lightweight

its easy to work around and its overall teeth

grip very well on it.