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2X Faster Adjustment Speed Adjustment ring thread pitch angled for faster opening and closing of wrench jaw

Best Access K9™ Jaw Technology allows teeth to bite in an arc of 30 degrees – much greater than typical pipe wrench operation limits – for greater access in tight spaces

40% Less Weight To help reduce user fatigue, weight has been cut in low-stress areas of aluminum wrenches, making them up to 40% lighter than cast iron wrenches. Our cast iron wrenches have also been designed and optimized to be up to 10% lighter than competitive wrenches.

Best Grip Handle shape optimized for maximum power and user comfort

One-Handed Use Ratcheting adjustable head allows for one-handed use with a greater range of pipe and fastener sizes.

Ease of Use The jaw locks in the fully open position, allowing users to easily position and remove the wrench from the workpiece

Best Grip Handle has been optimized to user grip

Best Access Extended lower jaw increases access and allows for quick pipe grip in confined spaces

Patent Pending 30 Degree Angle Access

K9 Jaws

These new Crescent Pipe Wrenches have been redesigned from the ground up to be lighter, quicker to adjust, and more comfortable to use. But even more, they’ve been designed to deliver the most powerful pipe grip ever with our new straight wrenches offering larger bite surfaces and exclusive K9™ 30-degree angle access jaws that give you massive turning power, even in the tightest, most restricted situations.

Straight Pipe Wrenches come in both cast aluminum and cast iron. Aluminum models are up to 40% lighter than typical cast iron wrenches with thicker crosssections in high-stress areas for exceptional strength. Our cast iron wrenches have also been optimized for strength, weighing up to 10% less than competitive products.

Our Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrenches offer compact size, light weight, and a jaw design that locks open for easier placement onto pipes in tight spots.

No matter what the challenge, Crescent has the pipe wrench you need to get jobs done fast and professionally. Whether you prefer straight or self-adjusting, aluminum or traditional cast iron, we offer the styles and sizes that will work the best – with the added benefit of our new K9™ Jaw Technology that allows our straight wrenches to work in an arc of 30 degrees, giving you unprecedented access. For the best grip, choose Crescent