Crescent Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrenches

Get Next Level Strength and Adjust-Ability.

New Crescent Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrenches really punch above their weight when it comes to strength and jaw capacity. They open wide to work on fasteners that would need the next larger size of standard adjustable, saving weight and bulk in your toolbox. A 10-inch Crescent Wide Jaw has the same strength and jaw capacity as a 12-inch standard adjustable. So lighten your load with these innovative new tools from Crescent…the original name in adjustable wrenches.

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Brochure Content

Exceeds ASME Strength Requirements For next larger size wrench

Larger Knurl For easier adjustment and tighter jaw fit; won’t bind up

Black Phosphate and Lacquer Finish For superior resistance to rust and corrosion

Laser-Etched Markings Make it easier to adjust to any fastener size—SAE or metric

Extra-Wide Jaw Opening Works with larger fasteners than a same-length standard wrench

Micro-serrations on jaw faces produce a tighter grip on the fastener, providing up to 4X more torque

Jaws open as wide as next size larger standard wrench

Stronger, large-diameter knurl makes adjustment easier; won’t bind up

Next Level Strength