Crescent Tool Catalog 2023

Crescent Tools 2023 Catalog


Crescent hand tools have been an essential part of professional toolboxes for over a century. Why? Because at Crescent, we make products for people who depend on their tools to make a living. People who need tools that will stand up to the tough conditions found on every jobsite. People who recognize tools that deliver meaningful performance. Like a tape measure with an industry-leading 14 feet of standout. Or made in USA snips with ten times the cut life of anything else on the market. That’s quality to get the job done right and superior performance to save time. Crescent offers thousands of tools, each one made to consistently deliver dependable, high-quality results.

Innovation in the past and for the future. From our beginnings with the original Crescent adjustable wrench and continuing through today, we are always looking for ways to make our tools better and create new ways to help tradespeople be more productive... Innovative solutions for better products.