Crescent Nail Pullers Video

Some exciting new updates to our Demolition Tools category, Crescent Nail Pullers.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ethan Bolderson Product Manager for Crescent Tools. With some exciting new updates for our Demolition Tools, Category, and Crescent Nail Pullers. First, our indexing nail puller is made of highly durable and heat-treated forged steel. Has an indexing head with over 180 degrees of rotation and 14 locking positions, the raised striking surface allows you to loosen nails or boards, and the ergonomic handle provides you with all-day comfort.

The highly rated and tested sliding nail puller easily grabs and extracts hard-to-reach nails with minimal material damage. Combined with the sliding box joint that extends the puller up to 24 inches and the metal striking cap, nails don't stand a chance. These nail pullers are part of the family of Crescent Nail Pullers you see here. To learn more visit