How to install a lock on a Crescent JOBOX Storage Chest

Crescent JOBOX Chest Lock Installation

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

For lock installation on a JOBOX storage chest, you will need the following: one lock retainer, one 1/4" by 3" long bolt, one 1/4" lock washer, and one 1/4" nut. Next, follow these five steps when installing your padlock, please remove the plastic band at the top of the lock. First, install the padlock on the lock retainer and close the padlock.

Two holes are provided depending on the size of your padlock. Next, slide the three-point lock bar to the system-locked position. Then from the outside of the lid, insert the padlock and the retainer into the lock housing. If you have a Tradesman chest, be sure to install the lock retainer as shown. Next, insert the bolt through the lock housing and the lock retainer.

Finally, affix the lock washer followed by the nut, and tighten. ALWAYS, check the lock and unlock operation after installing the padlock and prior to closing the lid. To learn more, visit