Strike Out Vibration

Crescent, the brand that has brought market-leading innovation to numerous hand tool categories, now brings that same innovation to our line of professional hammers. Forged steel heads and handles with revolutionary Vibeguard™ technology make these hammers best-in-class at vibration reduction. Crescent hammers are also precisely balanced for better swing force and have a 15% larger sweet spot for greater accuracy with every swing.

Great framing hammer!

"As a framer, I have a personal connection with my hammer. After using a tool day after day for years, you get a feel for what works for you. The hickory handle on this one just feels right in my hand, giving me a firm grip to swing the heavy 22oz head. The waffle pattern on the head is quite large, giving more coverage for the blow. The magnet built into the head and slot on top is an improved design over other hammers, giving a solid backer to the nail for a solid set blow (see my pics). The claw has just the right curve for quick nail pulling. The hammer is very solidly built with ring wedges to hold the hickory handle in place for years to come! All in all, this a great upgrade for any framers pouch." - SilicaWood

Great weight reduced vibration

"This hammer feels great in my hand and I absolutely love the vibration absorbing and magnetic top end functions. I happen to hit my fingers frequently if I am holding a nail, so I use the magnetic top on this hammer to secure a nail and hit the first strike with the nail attached on the hammer and send it into wood without my fingers in the way. It works like a charm. I also like the vibration absorbing since it can get exhausting to feel the impact with each hit. I can tell the difference. Overall, this is a great hammer to keep on my pegboard in the garage and for DIY tasks." - Bobby

This hammer rocks!

"This is my first new hammer in a while and I love it. It has a larger striking surface, a softer grip and is advertised and vibration reduction. It absolutely sings when when striking. There is a magnetic nail holder and channel for starting nails. This is the 20 ounce hammer. The nail puller is straight which should give you more leverage. The rubber handle is really comfortable." - Lee J

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Hammers Video Transcripts & Features and Benefits

Crescent Hammers Animation Video

  • Crescent All-New Hammers
  • Vibe Guard 70% Less Vibration
  • Shock-reducing tri-layer grip minimizes vibration when striking
  • Optimized strike face to prevent mishits - convex bell - 2-degree head angle - 15% larger strike face
  • Precision-balanced design for better swing force and accuracy

Crescent Hammers


  • VibeGuard™ Vibration Control System - Utilizes vibration dampening slot technology, coupled with a vibration control handle made from proprietary materials to minimize vibration when striking by 70%
  • Textured Fawn's Foot Grip/Tether Ready - Ergonomically sound and sure grip
  • Optimized Strike Force - 15% larger bell to minimize mishits and optimizes market-leading power to weight performance
  • Magnetic Nail Starter - Stronger, faster way to one-handed nail set
  • VIBE GUARD™ - 70% Less Vibration - Vibration dampening slot technology


  • 15% Larger Sweet Spot
  • 2X Maximum Durability
  • Magnetic Nail Starter